Are you looking for the best bookkeeping service in Tower Hamlets?

Bookkeeping Service Tower HamletsThe preparation of your annual accounts and other business reports depends on accurate and timely bookkeeping.

eBOS can assist your business by:

  • Entering purchase ledger documents (bills)
  • Entering sales ledger documents (sales invoices)
  • Preparing bank reconciliations
  • Preparing trial balances
  • Producing creditor and debtor report
  • Preparing cheque payments
  • Setting up computerised or manual bookkeeping systems

With eBOS Professional bookkeeping services in Tower Hamlets, you can avoid being overwhelmed by your accounts and tax calculations. Let us do the bookkeeping for you.

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eBOS Management Accounts in Tower Hamlets

The preparation of management accounts are necessary to assist in making business decisions and will be requested by your accountants, auditors, bankers, Inland Revenue and other third parties. We can prepare management reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports are prepared in accordance with your policies and requirements.

Our management reports include:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Annual budget and forecasts
  • Variance reports
  • Accruals & prepayment schedules
  • Inter-company charges & reconciliations (if appropriate)

eBos VAT Returns in Tower Hamlets

Many businesses in Tower Hamlets are required to register for VAT and lodge regular returns. This is covered by our bookkeeping service, making your life easier and freeing up your time to manage your business effectively.

We can assist by:

  • Applying for VAT registration if required
  • Advising the best VAT method to adopt (cash, accruals or flat rate)
  • Preparing and lodging your VAT returns.

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Why Choose eBOS for your Tower Hamlets Bookkeeping Provider?

eBOS services are delivered by trusted and knowledgeable experts, but with that all-important personal touch.

We listen to what our customers require, making us the most effective HR, Payroll and Bookkeeping company in Tower Hamlets. We’ve brought together ease-of-use, flexibility, affordability and tailored resources, plus a range of the latest employee benefit options.

Designated customer account managers make sure your office bookkeeping solutions fit your requirements and our Virtual Assistant provides you with an extra pair of hands when performing admin tasks.

All in all, eBOS is a unique blend of essential and adaptable support services, all for an affordable price